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CryptoLocker v2-encryption-Virus Solution Methods

CryptoLocker V2, Cryptowall 3.0, Cryptowall 4.0, Teslacrypt and more …

Türkçe :
Lütfen okuyun :

If you have a cryptolocker trouble or something like that, please contact me for solution :
I can work with your DataBase files ( SQL , access, firebird etc… )
and Outlook Data File ( pst, ost ) or any bigger size than 1 MB

You can contact me via mail:

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  1. Maikl Maikl

    Good day, the same problem I have, maybe it’s more complicated, I can not …

    images.jpg (11.7 KB)
    images.jpg.crypted_monkserenen@tvstar_com (12.6 KB)

    For encrypted and original files the sizes are different, what can be done in this case?
    Please help me (

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